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Our vision is to teach you equine anatomy and biomechanics in a practical and illustrative way, so you can optimize the training and the wellbeing of your horse. 

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"I have some great anatomy books but have always found it hard to go through them as I am a very practical learner. The way you teach and bring over this material really suits my way of learning. Your platform with all it's visual content and clear explanations has opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you."

Jannie Smit

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Teaser – Horse reacting to the girth


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Teaser – Tendons


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"Really interesting how there's mainly less/no ligament support for the C6 and C7, but there's still found some support when dissecting more primitive breeds. (Which breeds are considered primitive breeds in this context?) What's the main hypetesis supporting this development? For some reason, my instant thought was breeding. Wouldn't this also affect the horse ability to lift their withers? This really got me thinking. So thanks for a great platform and video. Love it! :)"

Silje Klevstul
"Nuchal ligament"

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